On July 25 last year, the national department of tourism hosted the ceremonial signing of the country’s first national collective agreement for the hotel and restaurant sectors, with the participation of the Prime Minister. The IUF-affiliated National Federation of Agriculture, Food, Livestock, Hotels and tourism (FNAAEHT) is one of the signatories to the agreement through its membership in the national union center ONSLG.

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18 December 2018 marks International Migrants Day. On the occasion of the EFFAT Executive Committee meeting gathered in Brussels, EFFAT affiliates demanded the European institutions to handle migration on the basis of justice, safety and solidarity.

In a concerted action, EFFAT members joined the ETUC and hundreds of other NGOs and other civil society organizations across Europe which reiterated their support for solidarity with migrants by backing the first European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on migration.

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ECJ overturns Austrian regulations against wage and social dumping

Black Tuesday for Social Europe: On 13th November the European Court of Justice (ECJ) overturned parts of the Austrian law to combat wage and social dumping. Specifically, it concerned a Slovenian posting company from the construction industry that had violated Austrian regulations against wage dumping. The Austrian client had to deposit money for possible penalties. There is a good reason for this: in practice, penalties against foreign dumping companies are virtually impossible to collect across borders.

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Hotel housekeepers around the world took action to highlight their fight for rights and recognition during the IUF 5th Global Week of Action from October 8-14.

Through their unions, housekeepers are demanding decent pay, secure jobs, safe workplaces and negotiations on measures to prevent the sexual harassment which afflicts workers in the hotel industry. This year, unions in many countries focused on conveying their demands to the largest global hotel companies. IUF members around the world also used the action week to show solidarity with striking members of UNITE HERE at Marriott hotels across the US.

In the course of the week, unions organized public demonstrations and other actions to raise awareness of the situation of housekeepers and held educational meetings and workshops with members in among other countries…

7 November marks European Tourism Day. Today, once again, the EU champions one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of the European economy, accounting for 10% of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 7% of world exports and one in ten jobs worldwide.

Tourism is one of the few sectors of the European economy with a high potential for growth and job creation, particularly providing an entry into the labor market for young people, women and people with migrant background. Yet, it is characterized by a high percentage of atypical employment, high staff turnover and seasonal workers.

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