EFFAT snapshot #1, National news

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France: France introduces card system to tackle posted worker fraud
France has begun issuing professional cards to construction workers in a scheme that will become compulsory this year. The objective is to combat illegal employment and the fraudulent posting of workers in Europe.

UK: Bike courier wins ‘gig’ economy employment rights case
A bicycle courier has won an employment rights case in a ruling which could have implications for the “gig economy”.

Austria: Workers in the sweets industry can now choose between salary increase and more free time
According to the new collective agreement in the Austrian sweets industry, workers can now decide to choose between more free time and/or a salary increase. For the first time a leisure option could be concluded for this sector in the agreement.

Italy: Court Partly Rejects Labor Law Referendum
On11 January 2017, the Italian Constitutional Court rejected part of the petition by the country’s largest trade union, the Italian General Confederation of Labor (CGIL), to hold a referendum on three aspects of a labor reform law known as the Jobs Act. The court’s ruling blocked a referendum question dealing with Article 18 of the statute, which makes it easier for companies to fire workers. The court did, however, uphold two other proposed referendum questions.