EFFAT SNAPSHOT #05-01 | 2019


Joint demonstration in Rome for quality work in the food and agricultural sector
EFFAT affiliates FLAI CGIL Fai CISL and UILA UIL are taking the streets of Rome on Saturday to demand quality work in the agricultural sector, better working condition and an economic growth against exploitation.

SEL requires new government to avoid introducing food taxes

The Finnish Food Workers’ Federation SEL insists that no new taxes on food should be auspicated in the program of the next Finnish government or that the tax burden on the food chain be increased. SEL opposes tax on meat and dairy products or salt, sugar and saturated fat.
Harmful taxes are unlikely to have a negative impact on consumption. Instead, harmful taxes would drive consumption within product groups to cheaper products, which would often favor foreign-made food instead of domestic ones. Increasing the amount of food imported from abroad to Finland would be a bear service for both domestic jobs and the climate, says SEL

CCOO Servicios puts forward new demands for the fast food national contract
EFFAT affiliated Servicios CCOO put forward its demands for the 2019 collective agreements in the fastfood sectors
Health and safety, Working time and Solid contracts are pillars of the negotiations.
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Successful collective agreement in Coca Cola signed after weeks of strikes
NGG has signed a collective bargaining agreement with Coca-Cola following successful warning strikes by 2,200 NGG members at all 35 Coca-Cola locations between April 8 and 10, 2019.

Holiday Inn owner, IHG Reported to United Nations Global Compact for ‘unethical’ anti-trade union behaviour
Unite, the UK and Ireland’s largest union, has lodged a formal complaint to the United Nations Global Compact today (Wednesday 1 May) over the ‘unethical’ anti- trade union behaviour of the world’s fourth largest and richest hotel chain, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), in breach of its obligations under the UN’s international agreement.


Gig economy: EU law to improve workers’ rights
New EU rules will improve the rights of the most vulnerable workers and ensure better working conditions.On 16 April MEPs adopted new rules introducing minimum rights for all employees. This legislation grants new rights for the most vulnerable employees on atypical contracts and in non-standard jobs, such as gig economy workers.

The ETUC deeply regrets the European Parliament’s decision not to vote on the revision of the Regulations on the coordination of social security systems
The plenary of the European Parliament decided today by a very narrow majority not to have a vote on the report on the coordination of social security systems and therefore not to adopt a first reading position before the end of the term.


Union members assaulted at Perfetti Van Melle Bangladesh after calling for an end to child labour
After a long fight for legal collective bargaining status at global confectioner Perfetti Van Melle’s Bangladesh factory, PVM Union leaders and members have been the target of threats and physical assault. Central to this fight against abusive labour practices was the PVM Union’s call for an end to the exploitation of child labour supplied by Perfetti Van Melle’s third party labour and services provider Rahat Corporation.